Young and Wild


A cool summer mist made the air rather sweet in the small town of Edenville, OH. Rows of corn layered the land, while the moonlight cast an evanescent shadow upon the soil. Children were reading their bedtime stories while peacefully being tucked in. The darkness of the night blanketed the small community, and all was well. The hard day’s work and bustle began to draw to a close, while the fun began for many. Downtown, the liquor stores and bars were still going strong. Flickering neon lights pointed towards liquor stores and ignited the black air with some excitement. Two men chatted outside, laughing hoarsely and passing a bottle contained in a paper bag. A lonesome old man stood outside on his porch, rocking back and forth, and smoking a cigarette. Further down the street, the door of the platoon swung open with every new person arriving at the bar. The light mist, dark blanket of the night, and glow of the street signs added an air of excitement and lust everywhere in sight. I snapped out of my trance, realizing that I had been staring at everybody for the past minute or so, wide-eyed. I stood with my hands in my pockets, shivering from the cold. I could see the liquor store, it was just across the street. Only feet away. Adrenaline pumped through my bahis siteleri body, I felt weak yet exhilarated at the same time. I felt a playful punch on my left arm. “Well?”, Abby giggled, “are you gonna do it or not?!”. My eyes narrowed, staring straight ahead at the shady liquor store. “Okay, okay”, I replied. “I hope I don’t get carded, but if I do then we have to get out of here.” Abby nodded, sensing my nervousness. She gently touched my shoulder and assured me, “if you don’t come out in five minutes I’ll go and find you.” Letting go of me, she paced back and forth. I could see an idea brewing in her eyes. “Just get a bottle of vodka and some tequila. Say you’re from out of town and you didn’t bring your I.D.” She stopped and looked at me, hopeful. A smile began to twinge on the corners of my mouth. “that is such an obvious lie”, I laughed, “but I’ll try it anyway.” Before finally stepping out into the blackness of the street, I puffed my chest out. Gently pushing a lock of hair behind my ears, I felt confident. “How do I look?”, I asked. Abby smiled rambunctiously, “Oh, definitely over 21.” Giving one last glance over to Abby, I put one foot in front of the other and headed into the store. A faint, wispy smell of old cardboard and wood entered canlı bahis siteleri my nostrils. I could see rows and rows of shelves, all containing foreign looking bottles. I turned one over, the thick green glass exciting me. My shaky hands helped me to realize that this was a type of wine. Hell, I didn’t even know what I was looking for. Pacing down the aisle, a man behind the counter greeted me. “Hello, Ma’am, can I help you find anything?” I swallowed hard and cleared my throat. Nervously I spoke, “I am all set, thank you so much!”. After a good five minutes of looking, I found the two cheapest bottles of vodka and tequila. Now it was the real deal. This could either be my chance of pulling it off, or the man could call the cops of me. My adrenaline was at its highest, making me feel as if I was floating on clouds. A frantic heartbeat and shallow breathing accompanied me all the way to the cash register. One foot, two feet. One foot, two feet. Breathe. One foot, two feet. The counter approached closer to my vision. I placed the two bottles down with a clink. The man looked down at me, his eyes hovering over the alcohol and then my face. Time slowed dramatically. Every flicker of his eyes, his silence, and his stillness sent blood screaming canlı bahis to my head. “Got an ID on you?”, the man asked with suspicion. I tried my very best to appear mistaken. Rummaging through my purse, I let out a sigh of frustration. “Ugh, no sorry”, I replied, “I must’ve left it back at home. I’m going to be late to the party now, god dammit.” The man chuckled, tilting his head back. He slid the two bottles in a paper bag, promptly handing it to me. “It’s all good”, he said cheerily, “happens all the time. next time, bring some ID with ya.” I smiled, with such relief and gratitude for the man that I could have fainted! “thank you so much, you saved me! I would’ve been late!”. The man grinned, taking my money and wishing me a good night. You know how I felt, walking out of that liquor store at only 19 with two bottles of alcohol? Like a queen. No feeling could describe it. Walking fast across the street, I noticed Abby staring at me with a look of nervousness. As soon as she saw the paper bag and my smile, she jumped up and down with excitement. “YOU DID IT!” , she screamed. “OH MY GOD ABBY THAT WAS SO FUCKING SCARY.” I ranted on how I came so close, and told her that she fucking owed me one. We high fived and laughed at ourselves for being so nervous. “I told you that place doesn’t card!”, she cried. I laughed and showed her my still-shaking hands. Now the only thing left to do was to drink our asses off. ……. 2 hours later… I opened my eyes, dizzy after taking a couple shots.

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