Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 11 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 11 By JJ [ [email protected] ] PLEASE KEEP THIS A FREE SITE DONATE TO NIFTY!!!! Chapter 11 I can’t remember the last time I slept this good. He was still in my arms when I awoke. Neither one of us had moved during the night. He has a little a whistle in his nose he always does, and he says I snore, he could hear me when he stayed with me last year. I always did for years due to bad sinuses. I had to piss badly and I tried to disengage myself without waking him. I finally did and he kind of whimpered. I brushed my teeth while I was in the bathroom and grabbed water and went to see what is what like outside. The sun wasn’t up yet and I looked at my phone it was 5:20am. I laughed to myself even on vacation I can’t sleep in, finished my water and slid back into bed. He turned to me and said he said where did I go? I said I pissed and brushed my teeth and grabbed a drink. He put his head on my chest, I asked if he wanted to get up, he said not yet. I said turn on your side and I will spoon with you and try to sleep a little more. We kissed and I made a face, he said What? Morning breath I answered, everyone gets it. He got up and ran to the bathroom to brush his teeth and to piss. I said you didn’t have to do that, he said he had to piss. We settled back in and I nuzzled his neck he moaned and fell back to sleep. I actually did too for a while. The only thing that could have made this moment better would have been if it was winter and we were in a cabin with it snowing. My dick was hard and in between his thighs underneath his balls. I let my hand travel down from his mid-section and it wasn’t long before it hit his dick. It had to be a little over 6″ not bad for 18 year old. I gave it a little rub and it got harder. Zachary was still in a deep sleep. I was awake now. As I lay there I started thinking how is this going to work? How are we going to get away with this? I smiled to myself and thought two years ago I was a straight man a widower, father, and grandfather. Now I am a 58 year old father, grandfather, and a widower with an 18 year old boyfriend! Funny thing is that I can live with this. I am really happy and completely ankara escort comfortable with the person lying next to me. We are going to have to keep this on the sly. It will be another 3 years till he is considered an adult. Geez that will make me 61 years old, does Zachary really know what he has signed up for. Is this really fair to him? I made a mental note of this and how loud he gets during sex to be discussed at some point this weekend. I could see it was almost 7:30 I had to get up or do something I couldn’t lay here anymore. It was like he got my vibe and started to stir. He squeezed my boner with his thighs. I moaned and he said Morning again. I nibbled on his neck and he whispered Jared fuck me please. I said I have to get some cocoa butter he said no need to. I lubed myself before when I got up I took it with me in the bathroom. I eased myself into him, I felt him shudder and he moaned. He was as tight as he was the night before; I looked at the clock and wanted to see how long I could last. I wanted him to really enjoy this and so did I. He turned his head and we kissed and I said to myself no no no. Concentrate I can’t lose this it’s only been 8 minutes. I started thinking what year did Gronkowski retire from the Patriots? What is Andrew Benintendi’s batting average? I was back on track again my goal was 25 minutes. I played with his nipples; I wetted a couple of fingers and rubbed the underside of his boner. He said I’m going to cum, I said No, wait for me I’m not there yet. He started to beg please please. I looked at the clock it was 28 minutes I said get ready I picked up the pace and I climaxed with him spewing all over the sheets. That was twice we managed to do that. He turned to me and said he has chosen well. I looked at him puzzled. He says you don’t believe me when I say I chose you years ago that you were going to be the only person I would ever want to share my life with. Again he started to tear up and I fought not to do the same and kissed him passionately. Then kissed the top of his head and held him in a bear hug. I said come on the day is slipping away get in the shower and don’t use all the hot water. I slapped him on his ass as he got up. He shaved and showered and got dressed. escort ankara I said is it okay if I shaved he laughed and said yes, by tonight it will be rough again. I went in shaved and showered and came out to find clothes laid out for me. He was also gone. I said WTF where did he go now? As I was finishing dressing he comes in with 2 coffees and says I know how you like your coffee first thing. He didn’t get any food for he knew we were both fruit eaters there was still plenty in the cooler that I had brought. We sat on the deck and talked about what we going to do that day. We decided to take a ride up the coast it wasn’t that far to Kennebunkport. We walked around there for a while, had lunch and stopped at a few tag sales or mini flea markets whatever you want to call them. I’m not really into them, but he enjoys looking. He got Noni a big earthenware mixing bowl like the one he broke as a kid. He would hold my hand every once in a while. A lot of Maine is gay friendly. I have to admit I did enjoy the feeling of holding his hand. We got back and went to the harbor to see if they made any progress on the ship. We were getting hit on a lot by a lot of the guys there. The foreman who was there yesterday was working again today his name was Ben. He asked if we were enjoying our time there. He also said there are a few bars in the area we would like. I said Thanks but he is only 18. He goes holy crap you really did strike gold. Zachary turns and says Ben; I am the one who struck gold. Ben turned red and said good luck to you. We walked around a little more and he said he wanted to go back to the room. It was too early to eat we had done a lot in 6 hours. I grabbed water and lay on the couch. He was fiddling with the music. I asked Zachary how come he didn’t go to his prom. I didn’t want to push it at that time, after the blow up when I made him go to that Halloween party (Chapter 8). He said if he couldn’t go with me, he wasn’t going. But I said you could have gone stag a few of his friends did. He said a waste of money to do the same thing any other time for free. I couldn’t argue with that reasoning. He finished fiddling with music and seemed happy with what he picked. Definitely an ‘old soul’. He ankara escort bayan looks at me and says dance with me. I look at him and he looks at me and nods. I get up and we start to slow dance the right way with one arm around his waist the other holding his hand. We are dancing to ‘Back at One’. I am not a great dancer but I can slow dance pretty good. He was beaming; he really enjoyed dancing, he moved naturally but that was from playing sports. I put him over the edge when I started singing to him. ‘I feel like a child, whose life has just begun’ ‘You came and breathed new life in this lonely heart of mine’ ‘You threw out the life line’ ‘Just in the nick of time’ ‘One, you’re like a dream come true’ ‘Two, just want to be with you’ He held me close as moved him around the room, we danced a few more slow songs. Then a fast song came on ‘Forever’ by Chris Brown. I started dancing to it and he was shocked that I knew how to move. He followed my lead and I took him in my arms and spun him around. He forgets I have a daughter and granddaughters. I know how to gyrate and grind my hips like a young kid. I asked if he was hungry he said not for food and gave me that look that got me hard. We went to the bed he pushed me down and got on me; he was undressing me and then went down on me. He was trying to deep throat me, I said don’t I wasn’t fond of it I never enjoyed. He was glad, he was having a hard time with it he grabbed the palmers and lubed his ass and my dick. He was becoming insatiable. I created a Frankenstein. He had great control over his ass muscles. He shot fast all over my chest. It wasn’t too long after I filled his ass with my cum. He didn’t move he told me to stay in him as long as I could. He was singing ‘Titanium’ I nodded off and woke up it was 5pm, he was still on top of me sleeping. I was still inside of him not by much, because I popped out just then. He stirred and asked him if he was hungry. He wanted pizza I said let’s get take out we found a place close by. While I went to get it he went and took a shower and got cleaned up. I came back as he was finishing up. He got me hard he was wearing one of my long tees again and just white socks, mine I assumed….ha-ha. I was surprised the pizza wasn’t bad not like New Haven pizza but it was good. I decided while I was out that we were going to the beach in Ogunquit. I think he will like it. JJ PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN TO NIFTY TO KEEP ALIVE!!! Any comments welcome ail)

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